Friday, February 25, 2011

Support Breast Cancer Awareness Retiring March 2011

The Love, Life, Hope Scentsy Warmer is a great way to honor those who have been affected by breast cancer. Scentsy is donating 100% of net profits to "The National Breast Cancer foundation to support their breast cancer awareness and education programs. What better gift could there be for someone who has been directly affected by breast cancer?

The Love, Life, Hope Scentsy warmer will only be available until midnight (pacific time) on February 28th, 2011. This warmer will never be available again! The Live, Life, Hope Scentsy Warmer is currently backordered, but should still be available for purchase through the end of the month!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the Love, Life Hope Scentsy Warmer. Just leave a scentsational comment!

Will Your Favorite Scentsy Scents be Available in March 2011?

Everyone has there favorite scents. Certain scentsy scents may bring back a special memory or just put a smile on your face. Sadly every 6 months some scents are retired. Some scents may return. Other scents will be retired forever. There is no way to know which scents will return. So just to be on the safe side you may want to review the following list. These scents are available until February 28, 2011, when the clock strikes midnight (pacific time) they will be retired. So if your favorite scent is listed take a moment and stock up. Don't forget you will also receive 10% off your order, but this special also ends on February 28, 2011 at midnight!

Scentsy scents that will be retiring February 28, 2011 . . .

Central Park Pralines
Christmas Cottage
Christmas Tree
Cozy Fireside
Cranberry Spice
Eskimo Kiss
Guava Nectar
Just Peachy Ginger
Pineapple Paradise
Poinsettia Pine
Pumpkin Roll
Rustic Lodge
Sentimental Cider
Spiced Grapefruit

Toasted Caramel Sugar
Tropical Twist
Vanilla Suede
Vanilla Walnut
Winter Wonderland

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10% off most Scentsy Products during February 2011!

I just had to let you know that Scentsy is running a special promotion through the month of February! Most Scentsy Products purchased will be 10% off. Please remember that this does not include everything and feel free to check the list below to see what is NOT 10% off!

The following items are NOT included in the Scentsy 10% sale for February 2011:
All Licensed Scentsy Warmer
Close-out Products (does not include products that will be discontinued in March)
Business Supplies
Perfect Plug-Ins
Perfect Scentsy
Scentsy Sampler
Scentsy Companion System
February Scent and Warmer of the month (still 10% off, but not an additional 10% off)

So head on over and place your order before the end of the month so that you can cash in on some huge Scentsy savings!

Happy Shopping!

February Scentsy Warmer of the Month

Introducing the Celtic Knot Full-Size Scentsy Warmer! This is February's Scentsy warmer of the month and my personal opinion is it is beautiful! The Celtic Knot Scentsy Warmer may even replace my Scentsy warmer in the living room! The Scentsy Warmer of the month is 10% off as usual, but please remember that there will not be an additional 10% discount this month.

So what do you think of the Celtic Knot? I would love to hear your opinions!