Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peligro! It is a dangerous scent!

Who knew that Scentsy would be teaching me spanish along the way! Peligro happens to be one of my favorite scents this season, but I could not exactly figure out what the name meant. In the scent description Peligro is referred to as the "bad boy " scent. Interestingly when looking at a spray paint canister the danger warning caught my eye. Of course there was also a translation in Spanish. I couldn't believe that it said Peligro! Now I will forever know how to say danger in spanish!

If you have a little love for the bad boys like me then give Peligro a try! Even though I gave up on those bad boys a long time ago, I have to say Peligro sure brings back some memories! Take it home, warm it up and relax on your couch or have a special little drink! After all we know those bad boys are fascinating!

Peligro Scentsy Bar

Peligro Hanging Freshner

Peligro Room Spray

Have a minute? Share a "bad boy" story. I'd love to hear it!

Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Ideas for Hanging Freshners!

We all know that we can hang our Scentsy Hanging Freshners in a car, but what else can we use them for?

1. Closets to keep clothes smelling fresh and clean.

2. Bottom of your trash can to keep it smelling nice and fresh!

3. Diaper Pails - We know we these can get quite stinky! Try Clean Breeze for this!

4. Under the kitchen sink or other storage areas!

I am sure there are lots of other great places these can be used! Let me know how you use your Hanging Freshners!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Introducing the Sunshine Kids Warmer!

This is one of my favorite warmers in the new collection! Something about the handprints always makes me smile.

The nice thing about the Sunshine Kids Warmer is that not only will you be adding a fun bright piece of decor to your home, but you will also be contributing to the Sunshine Kids Foundation ! Scentsy is donating 100% of net profits from this warmer to the Sunsine kids foundation!

The Sunshine Kid's Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides activities and emotional support for children with cancer free of charge.

This would be perfect for a child's room I can say honestly say that my 2 year old is in love with it!

You may notice that the sunshine kids warmer is priced slightly higher than the other warmers the extra money will all go straight to the Sunshine Kids Foundation. This increase in cost will not be counted towards commission to any consultants so you can feel good knowing that the extra money will be helping children! The Sunshine Kids Warmer is also only available as a single item. It is not available in any of the package deals provided by Scentsy. Once again this is to enable as much of a donation as possible.

The Sunshine Kids Warmer is also a limited edition warmer and will only be available for the 2010 spring/summer catalog! So hurry be sure to order yours before they are gone!

If you are interested in purchasing the Sunshine Kids warmer and supporting the Sunshine Kids Foundation too then just click here!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March Specials: Victoria Warmer and Spring Clean scents - 10% off

A beautiful victorian styled warmer to add to your home decor. The brown accents bring out the style of the Victoria . I especially love the medallion in the center. This wood be perfect for any victorian styled rooms!

Spring Clean is the scent for March. This is a clean scent, but not overpowering. I have to say that I think it will be perfect for the spring days to come!

Through March 31st both the Victoria and the Spring Clean scents are available for 10% off ! Don't miss this discount order yours today!