Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10% off most Scentsy Products during February 2011!

I just had to let you know that Scentsy is running a special promotion through the month of February! Most Scentsy Products purchased will be 10% off. Please remember that this does not include everything and feel free to check the list below to see what is NOT 10% off!

The following items are NOT included in the Scentsy 10% sale for February 2011:
All Licensed Scentsy Warmer
Close-out Products (does not include products that will be discontinued in March)
Business Supplies
Perfect Plug-Ins
Perfect Scentsy
Scentsy Sampler
Scentsy Companion System
February Scent and Warmer of the month (still 10% off, but not an additional 10% off)

So head on over and place your order before the end of the month so that you can cash in on some huge Scentsy savings!

Happy Shopping!


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