Sunday, January 24, 2010

Scentsy Plug-Ins Information

Scentsy Plug-Ins are perfect for smaller rooms, such as bathrooms. They also go well above the counters in the kitchen. The plug-ins use a 15 watt bulb to warm the Authentic Scentsy wax. Scentsy plug-ins are much smaller than the full-sized warmers so I do recommend only using 1 cube of the Authentic Scentsy Wax at a time in these. This will still make your room smell wonderful.

As with the Full Sized Scentsy Warmers the Scentsy Plug-ins also never get hotter than body temperature and therefore will not burn you if accidently spilled.

Scentsy Plug-In Price

Plug-in System price - (plug-in and 3 Authentic scentsy bars)

Closeout Plug-In Warmers


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