Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peligro! It is a dangerous scent!

Who knew that Scentsy would be teaching me spanish along the way! Peligro happens to be one of my favorite scents this season, but I could not exactly figure out what the name meant. In the scent description Peligro is referred to as the "bad boy " scent. Interestingly when looking at a spray paint canister the danger warning caught my eye. Of course there was also a translation in Spanish. I couldn't believe that it said Peligro! Now I will forever know how to say danger in spanish!

If you have a little love for the bad boys like me then give Peligro a try! Even though I gave up on those bad boys a long time ago, I have to say Peligro sure brings back some memories! Take it home, warm it up and relax on your couch or have a special little drink! After all we know those bad boys are fascinating!

Peligro Scentsy Bar

Peligro Hanging Freshner

Peligro Room Spray

Have a minute? Share a "bad boy" story. I'd love to hear it!


  1. What a funny name for a scent. Does it smell masculine?


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